DeKalb County Tree Ordinance


DeKalb County commissioners have found that the preservation and/or replacement of trees is for the betterment of all citizens of DeKalb. As such, they have set forth several guidelines as to the purpose for requiring permits. Please click here to read the full DeKalb County Tree Protection Ordinance. The DeKalb County Tree Protection Ordinance covers both residential and commercial properties.

Specimen Trees:

Specimen trees will be identified by a DeKalb County Arborist. The standards for identification, preservation, and protection of specimen trees, you may use these standards:

  • For Large Hardwoods Like Oaks, Hickories, Yellow Poplars, Etc., They Need To Be = Or >30 Inches DBH

  • For Large Softwoods Like Pines, Evergreens, Etc., They Need To Be = Or >30 Inches DBH

  • For Small Trees Like Dogwoods, Redbuds, Sourwoods, Etc., They Need To Be = Or > 10 Inches DBH


(Generally, Homeowners Are Allowed To Remove 5 Healthy Trees/Year)
The 5 Trees Do Not Include Dead, Dying, Diseased, Hazardous.


No form required – You must fax a letter* describing the scope and reasons for removal. (*Letter from Certified Arborist) There must be at least two 2-inch DBH over a story in every front yard of properties in zones R-200, R-150, R-30,000, R-20,000, R-100, R-85 and R-75. There must be at least one 1-inch DBH over a story in every front yard in zones R-A5, R-50, R-A8, and R-RDT.

Fee: None


Russell Tonning

Phone & Fax

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Tree Emergency Contacts

In the case of any real emergency assess the situation and dial 911.

When power-lines are damaged, contact the power company as soon as possible.

Georgia Power: 770-479-8774

Cobb Electric Membership: 770-429-2100

Southern Company 678-493-4688:

Georgia Natural Gas: 770-850-6200

Contact your Insurance Company. Most Homeowners policies cover damage from falling trees, be sure to call your agent as soon as possible.

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