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Storm Damage Clean-Up & Insurance Claims


Atlanta weather can be unpredictable. Severe weather conditions in the past years such as drought followed by extended rainy periods can cause hazardous situations with large trees. Tree removal is not always the prescription if properly maintained landscaping. Knowing how to spot trees that have been damaged is key to minimizing the risk of falling during high wind conditions. A quick survey can assess whether a tree needs to be removed or simply trimmed for better tree health.

However if a tree falls near or on your house, quick response and removal is crucial to ensure no further damage happens to your property. Our Certified Tree Experts can respond quickly 24/7 in emergencies to help secure your property. Then we can work with you, providing the proper insurance documentation so that you can file a claim with your insurer to aid in claims and clean-up process.

Insurance companies require you to secure you property from additional damage after a storm.  But don't fall victim to storm chaser looking for a quick buck. You can trust a Certified Tree Expert to be there to finish the job to your satisfaction...


We Guarantee it.

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