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Stump Grinding
and Removal


Certified Tree Experts offer a variety of stump removal options. The most common method we use is by grinding the stump to below the surrounding ground level. We can also use our Bobcat to remove more of the root system and landscape grading services associated with removal and clean-up.


Ask your Certified Tree Expert to leave the tree mulch collected during your project for you landscaping.

Chipping & Mulching

Chipping is the easiest way for use to clean up and haul off debris from your property. Tree branches and smaller trunks sections are ground into small chips and hauled off to landfills. But, mulch is an excellent landscape material that adds nutrients to the soil and helping plants stay hydrated during long hot summers. So THINK GREEN and ask your Certified Tree Expert to leave the chips. Your plants will be “Mulch” happier too.

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